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Our Team


We have a well-rounded team that adequately addresses all aspects of running an innovation business, with talented scientists, business experts, marketing and sales people as well as business development and financial management functions.

Our Technologies

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We are uniquely placed in that we have access to advanced evolved enzymes underpinned by solid intellectual property to form the basis of our initial portfolio of products.  This means we are positioned to earn revenues very early on.


Microbiological bioreactor. Cultivation of microorganisms. Bio-fermentation. Bioengineerin

We are developing products using both rational and non-rational protein engineering techniques.  Our product pipeline in the Laboratory Research Reagents space includes: (a) high performance mutants and variants of Reverse Transcriptases and Taq polymerase, (b) Molecular Biology Kits, (c) Mass Spectrometry Reagents and Kits and, (d) Protein Markers.  In the Industrial Enzymes space our products include several Specialized Enzymes for production of fine-chemicals and Bio-catalysis Kits.


business analytics and financial technol

We are seeking equity investors to take up shareholding in Applied Protein Biotechnologies or any of our newly formed subsidiaries and licensees

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