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Our technologies are a suite of rational and non-rational protein engineering techniques that are designed to give high yields.  Our technology, under the banner of rational and non-rational protein engineering strategies, is designed to give a diverse portfolio of products necessary to give the the requisite breath to serve the Routine Laboratory Research Reagents market and the Industrial Enzymes and Biocatalysis market.  It also underpins our new innovative specialized enzymes and products 


Microbiological bioreactor. Cultivation of microorganisms. Bio-fermentation. Bioengineerin


We have developed a potent safe natural insecticide NOOT-A-BUG®. It is produced from a blend of natural citrus oils matured in the presence of an enzyme cocktail derived from natural sources to produce a highly potent, natural insect repellent / insecticide.  We are mimicking nature and simply accelerate the process naturally occurring when citrus fruit matures. We use a proprietary enzyme cocktail from natural sources in a classical biocatalysis process. We are looking to clients that wish to incorporate NOOT-A-BUG® in any of your products. It can be used as an insect repellent/insecticide against flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects and even in agricultural settings where it is effective against aphids, whitescaled insects and the like 

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